What to do during Market Recession


With all the buzz about the US Market Recession, here are few things to consider:

Signs of a market recession has always been there, the real question is WHEN? No one knows! And by the way, we are not economists! So we will not be showing lots of yield curves and graphs and use words only the banks know.

This is why we always believe that when you invest, think that a market recession might happen the next day. This is all about proper risk management. Simple.

What should you do?
– Never ever invest all your savings to risky assets like stocks. Make sure that your emergency savings are intact and you also have coverage protection in case bad things happen.

– Make sure that you always have enough cold cash available. On extreme cases, people panic, bank atms will stop dispensing cash. Scary!

– Always have enough buying power. Just like any business cycle, market will not always go up in a straight line. It will probably go down and RESET. That’s a perfect opportunity to buy quality stocks! Opportunity and Quality!

– If your long term portfolio was hit badly, adjust accordingly. If those are quality stocks, it will defend itself and recover eventually. Tough times don’t last, Tough companies do!

– Treat investing like your own business. So its high time for you to continue learning and be interested with news.

Stay Safe and be worry-free.

InvestaBox team

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