What Stocks Should I Buy First?

The most common question from newbie investors: “What stocks should I buy?”

If your goal is to invest for the long term then you need to pick stocks that will grow over time. Companies that are stable and financially sound that you believe will still be there until you retire.
–> Use our acronym (MISES)

(M)anagement — check the people behind the company. Remember that behind every company are people managing it. Is the management team reliable, efficient and has a great vision for the company?

(I)ndustry Leader — when you think of fast food chains what comes to your mind?-JFC. How about banks?-BDO. Properties?-ALI or SMPH. You go with the industry leaders that are making names and are continuously growing.

(S)trong Balance Sheet &
(E)arnings Growth
— You don’t need to be an accountant or an expert to review financial statements. As long as the earnings are growing quarterly and yearly and the company’s debts remains small and is being used for future projects then that’s a stable company!

(S)ervices/Products — earnings of companies will primarily comes from their services or products. Is the company still innovating and developing on new products? Are there new projects going on? Then that’s a company worth looking at!

While most INDEX stocks meet the criteria, it is still important that you continuously research about the company’s fundamentals and learn basic technical analysis so you’ll know when to BUY, HOLD and when is the time to SELL.

And if you want to ride on all those great companies but you have limited capital, then start with an Equity or Index Mutual funds to maximize your small capital.

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