Stocks Trading for a Living

How to escape from the corporate race to doing stocks trading and investing full time.
Blog by: The Panda Trader

It’s Sunday folks and I need something to blaze my energy with. Unfortunately, market is closed on weekends. So here we go, I decided to write down my journey on how I was able to transition into a full time trader.

This will be a long story about me so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! LOL. Skip this blog if you don’t care about me-

Chapter I- My Nursing and BPO Career
I graduated BS Nursing last 2010 in FEU and I can always remember that I am just 0.009 shy away from being a Cum Laude- but I’m still thankful, I enjoyed my college days. I passed the Nursing board licensure exam on the same year- and this has been the start of my nursing career.
Worked in a Community Pediatric center in the province while doing part time lectures in Nursing review centers- oh nursing and teaching has been my passion back then but I think it was not meant for me.

May of 2011, a BPO company based in Pasay for a US Healthcare called me to work as Healthcare associate (Registered Nurses for a Pioneer US Healthcare BPO)- funny that I asked the HR if this is Network Marketing because I don’t have any idea about BPO back then- and this is the start of my Healthcare BPO career. Competitive as I am (I’m an Aries), I immediately rose from the rank within 5 months and got promoted as Assistant Manager. Learned a lot of things about the business, dealing with people, clients, charts and numbers.

2013 I got recruited by another Pioneer Healthcare BPO based in Eastwood as a Team Lead. My 2+ years in this company is the best! They sent me to the US for 1 month of training, handled different line of business, teams and helped me improved on my skill sets. By this time, I was able to save more money, got my brand new car and enjoyed life’s luxuries. First time to see my bank savings account to 6 digits! Working my whole life was never my motto, because I always wanted to be my own boss.

Chapter II- My Investing Journey
Exactly December 23, 2013 right after getting our huge Christmas Bonus, 13th and 14th month pay, without any hesitations we signed-up for a VUL (Variable Unit Linked Life Insurance / Variable Universal Life Insurance) with Pru Life UK thanks to tita! I was so happy that I felt more secured for my retirement and whatever might happen to me. But VULs will take 20 years before you can finally enjoy the living benefits. I started young at 24 years old so I can reap the benefits while I’m still energetic at 44 years old. I will be sharing my insights regarding VULs, UITFs and Mutual funds soon.

2014, a member of TRC (Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club) shared us on how to invest in the stock market and signed-up last 2015 to TRC. With monthly premium, you will be receiving monthly stock recommendations on what stocks to buy and when to sell. I got so interested in the stock market so I immediately opened a COL Financial Account back in October 26, 2015 and credited some of my savings on my account.

Without any idea of what I’m doing, I started following TRC’s Stock recommendations, listening to FREE audio CDs and books being mailed to my house. Finally, I have started my investing journey! With stock recos, I bought several blue chip stocks with below 8k for each (eventually, you will learn the 8k rule to minimize commission and fees). Learned most of the process of trading and investing, averaging down and wait for centuries to see gains and profits. After all, this is what investing is really about.

Terminating by TRC membership after 6 months has been the best step I’ve made to be an independent investor. No stock recommendations, only you and the market.
Confused, I started playing with COL’s technical and fundamental researches from Technical Guides and Bulls Eyes reports (note that these are FREE for COL account holders). That has been a eureka moment for me! TRC’s Stock Reco are almost at PAR with COL’s FREE Recos! Oh my G! But I’m still thankful with TRC as it helped me jump start my trading career. Without TRC’s guidance, I will have no confidence in investing in the stock market.

I got so excited that finally I’m getting huge gains on my own, but getting huge losses as well in the process. More likely a 60% Loss/ 40% Gain scenario. Is my equity portfolio increasing? NO! I have been depositing my savings regularly on this account and this created an illusion that I’m growing my account. I have no Money Management, No Risk Management and no Technical and Fundamental skills!

Chapter III- The Corporate Rat Race
April of 2015, I got recruited as an Associate Operations Manager to another Pioneer US Healthcare BPO in McKinley. Huge salary increase but tremendous work load and pressure! A time of my life where I have huge savings and to the point of not knowing how to spend it all! LOL!

With enough savings and capital, my business partner also a Registered Nurse and a Team Lead of my previous company, we started a health, wellness, skincare and fitness business (physical store and e-commerce). Check us out here We are both happy with the results. He went full time with the business but I continued to have a corporate job as contingency in case the business will need more expenses.

Driving 2+ hours everyday from Antipolo to McKinley, creating client reports, never ending conference calls and meetings, handling issues of the 3 line of businesses that I’m managing, spending overtimes for MBRs and QBRs, asleep in the morning, awake at night, power sleeping on weekends. I finally realized that I’m part of the food chain and this corporate rat race.

October of 2016, I got into an accident and had my spine badly hurt. But I still have to go to work for my BPO job. On Sick Leaves, my bosses will still call me and join conference calls while I’m lying on my bed with spine support. I told myself, I have to let go. This is not the life that I want. This work is slowly killing me. With the support of my business partner, I resigned from work letting go of my ambitions to rise from the corporate ranks and now full time managing our business together.

We have quickly expanded the business to the point that we can just travel for weeks, sleep the whole day and focus on things that we want while the business is generating money. (Passive Money) – We let money works for us.
I have also started my trading career at this moment. My body and mind used to working and continuously looking for things to do and learn, I committed to be a full time trader.

Chapter IV- Full Time Trading
Got surprised that my COL’s portfolio have grown due to my regular deposits and some blue chip stocks that I have invested few months. Since we are in a point that the business can sustain our daily expenses, we decided to go full time into trading so we can grow our investments. My business partner is more of a long time investor while I’m the aggressive short term trader.

I started back tracking my trades, recorded it on an excel file with equity curves and monthly goal of 20%. Found out that it is not growing to sustain enough gains to support my lifestyle let’s say the business got bankrupted. I then started to read books, watch ed videos on technical analysis, followed some online Gurus and mentors and joined trading groups in facebook.

The first book that I ever purchased online is- The Trading Code by Jason Cam. It is a straight forward technical analysis book that served as my bible in trading. Highly recommended for newbies! (go ahead and get that book! it is worth it!)
Got few books from National Bookstore as well by Minervini, Oneil, Kiosaki, Germo etc.
Had few Ebooks as well. Learned technical analysis from Support Resistance, Elliot, Darvas, MACD, RSI, Stochastics, Fibonacci, Bollinger Bands, Ichimoku etc. on Youtube.
I started to back tested some stocks, applied it on my current trades and records it on an excel journal. Today, I’m having more wins than losses. Huge gains and quick cut losses.

I stopped joining on facebook groups and only focused on the trading community inside Investagrams – highly recommended Trading Community and Charting Platform. Proud Philippines made! A must for newbies! Go ahead, sign-up and interact with fellow traders! Use their powerful charting platforms and read insights from the best traders!
I continue to learn and study more, because the market is a never ending cycle of possibilities, opportunities and losses. We will be a forever newbie in trading and investing. But you can be a disciplined professional trader if you follow your trading plans and trust the system. It is all there! You just need to continuously search for ideas and keep hungry for learning.

You see, unless you are born rich with daddy giving you huge funds to start trading, it will really takes time before you reach the same level as your followed mentors/gurus. Do not be blinded by huge gains being shown, focus on your own portfolio. Apply Risk and money management.

A million pesos account gaining 6 digits in 1 hour is different if you only have less than 100k capital. If you are starting with less than 10k capital, a gain of 500 to 1k is already a trophy trade for you! Don’t forget to sell that stock and lock in the profits and apply the power of compounding.

Who are really winning? They are your brokers charging commissions and fees, Gurus/Mentors charging for professional fees for online seminars and talks, Authors selling trading books, insider traders positioning early and big institutions moving the stocks up and selling bulk at the peak. We as small time retail traders, should just ride the wave created by these big whales and make sure you get out before it popped.

Stay hungry and learn before you invest.

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