Tathione Glutathione Whitening 50mg 30 capsules (in Plastic container)


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Helps whiten and smooth the skin throughout your body
• Disguise black spots due to acne & reduce pimples
• Dark lips & nipples will become brighter or pink because dark pigments will decrease
• Helps brighten skin in the armpits, groin and other folds in our body
• Antiaging
• Neutralizing cigarette smoke, air pollution, etc.
• Tathion helps normalize your blood sugar
• Tathion can increase sperm fertility in men
• Tathion also helps normalize uterine function in a woman’s body
• Helps function of the liver ( detoxification of the liver).
• Tathion can also minimize the pores on our skin
• Fade stretch marks / signs after giving birth.
• Prevents hair loss and can reduce it if consumed regularly. Various antioxidants:
• Vitamin E has 3 extra electrons to divide • Vitamin C has 5 extra electrons to be divided
• OPCs have 250 extra electrons to share
• Glutathione has 1 million extra electrons to share. Glutathione is the King of all antioxidants. Characteristics of Korean Tathion Tablets:
• Contains 50 mg of Glutathione.
• Tablet size is bigger than Japanese Tathion capsules.
• On Korean tablets there is the TAT text.

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