RYO JAYANGYUNMO Korea HAIR TREATMENT 5-ITEMS GIFT SET Shampoo and Treatment for Hair Loss and Thinning


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  • Shampoo 400g (for oily skin) 2 x bottles
  • Shampoo 400g (for sensitive skin) 2x Bottles
  • Treatment 180ml 1x Bottle
  • Cleansing while balancing the moisture balance of the scalp with a unique herbal herbal ingredient.
  • Keep your scalp healthy and manage problems such as itching and dandruff caused by sebum.
  • A powerful new hair loss prevention technology found in the vitality of ginseng, GinsenEX.
  • Scalp care for weakened hair follicles.
  • A hair loss treatment that nourishes the scalp and heals weakened hair firmly.
  • Stress management with cooling effect.
  • Moisturizing 16% formulation.
  • It is a treatment to use from scalp to hair.

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