Relumins Advance Whitening COMPLETE TA Stem cell SET, Relumins Oral Gluta with Placenta 60 caps, All Day Lotion 300ml, Intensive Night Lotion 300ml, Intensive toner 100ml, Premium All Day Cream 50g, Intensive night serum 40ml, Stem cell Soap 135g SET


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  • Relumins Advance Whitening COMPLETE TA Stem cell SET
  • – Most effective Whitening Skin Formula Available
  • – Glutathione for Powerful Whitening Action
  • – Licorice for Anti-inflammatory Effect & Melanin Reduction
  • – Placental Protein Whitens & Beautifies Skin
  • – Professional formula, Pharmaceutical Grade.
  • – TA Stem Cell Stimulates Collagen for Healthy, Younger, Firmer Skin.
  • – Placental Proteins are known to help revive tired damaged skin
  • – Arbutin from botanical sources is the safest and most effective skin whitener
  • – Argan Oil to enhance soft smooth skin
  • – Placental protein enhances skin’s elasticity and moisture and stimulates cell renewal to revitalize the skin. It also visibly reduces and fights the unsightly signs of skin aging such as wrinkles and fine lines.
  • – Placental Protein is a highly-recognized cosmetics ingredient due to its exemplary skin-whitening property that actively influences the activity of tyrosinase, a component of melanin. In fact, it is the most popular and widely used skin whitening agent in Japan

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