PrebioC Prebiotics with Vitamin C 50 caps 700mg


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Prebiotic is a non-digestible plant fiber that stimulates the growth and production of live bacteria inside our large intestines. Live bacteria are essential for breaking down foods and absorbing the nutrition from it. It helps supply us with biotin and vitamin K, strengthen immune system, combat allergy, alleviate diarrhea to new-born baby through breast feeding, and recently they had been discovered to promote feminine health by fighting bad bacteria and preventing UTI. Whereas, Vitamin C being considered as the “mother of all vitamins”, boosts the immune system, gives the body protection against cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye disease, skin wrinkling and many more. Since the Vitamin C present in a capsule of Prebio-C is alkaline-based or non-acidic, it is more effective because it can enter the body four times faster and stays in the body tissue longer. The 50 capsules in each bottle of Prebio-C contain 200 mg Prebiotics and 500 mg Vitamin C per capsule. 1 Bottle = 50 Capsules = 700mg 

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