ORIGINAL Black latte Reshape Black Charcoal Latte 100g


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  • 100 % Original from Russia by Hendel Garden
  • The mix of active ingredients such as,L-carnitine,Activated Charcoal and Chromium Picolinate has a positive
  • three-stage impact on your body.
  • L-carnitine promotes the breakdown of fats and helps to prevent body fat deposition.
  • Biological additive
  • Chromium Picolinate contributes actively to fats and carbohydrates
  • metabolism increasing the metabolic rate. ♥️Activated Charcoal provides
  • the overall cleansing of the body and eliminates toxins.
  • Regular use of
  • Black Latte helps to increase efficiency and gives you a boost of energy
  • for a whole day, and a pleasant aroma of your favorite latte will allow you to lose weight with taste
  • Black latte is a weight-loss mix of coffee and activated coal.
  • It absorbs fat, transform it into energy; purifies your body from toxins and wastes; reduces the feeling of hunger and gives you vigor.
  • Moreover, there is a nice little bonus – the product helps with the production of dopamine – “the hormone of happiness”
  • Activated charcoal has been touted as the curefor what ails you, and is used for everything from teeth whitening to cleaning clogged pores to alleviating gas and bloating
  • Charcoal is most commonlyused in emergency roomswhen patients need their stomachs pumped.
  • Activated charcoal plays a significant role in the treatment of drug overdose and poisoning
  • By binding to the chemical and removing these from the gut, reducing absorption and removing the substance,” McGuinness explained
  • Evidence for thebenefits of activated charcoalis not substantial, and the negative effects could be detrimental to health and wellbeing.
  • While you may be taking it to detox and rid your body of toxins, vital nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, may also be bound and excreted.

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