Lucchini Human Placenta Fresh Stem Cell Therapy IV 10 ampules set 2ml each


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Lucchini Placenta Injection
from Switzerland
10 ampoules per tray; 2ml per ampoule

For the past 50 years, scientists in Switzerland and Japan had made tremendous contributions to the research and development of Placenta Therapy.
With years of research, Placenta Therapy was clinically tested and proven to offer the benefits such as…

✓ Strengthens immune system
✓ Normalizes hormonal secretion
✓ Prevents liver hardening
✓ Improves kidney function
✓ Speeds up wounds healing
✓ Combats inflammation
✓ Invigorates the body
✓ Enhances sexual performance in men and women
✓ Recuperation from labour
✓ Eases menopause syndrome
✓ Regulates menstruation
✓ Restores general health reduce physical exhaustion
✓ Recuperation from illness
✓ Improves blood circulation

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