KB Beauty Pack


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KB Beauty Pack
( L-Glutathione Plus Nac rosehips 30 capsules + 3 KB Collagen 30 tabs + 1 KB Premium Whitening Lotion)

(know as KB Glutathione Activator or KB Glutanac capsule) plus KB Rosehips capsule
makes your immune system much stronger and anti oxidant.

A natural 100% rich in vitamin C. It contains linoleic acid that helps our skin to regenerate damage skin problems.

Not just ordinary collagen coming from any parts of the fish but its collagen is coming from the SALMON OVAY PEPTIDE. Taking 3 x a day of this KB COLLAGEN together with the KB GLUTANAC plus KB ROSEHIPS will be perfect combination for skin whitening and anti aging.

No Overdosing just follow our instructions. Take KB Glutanac One capsule and KB Rosehips One capsule A DAY.
For KB Collagen Tablet Take 1 tablet a day if you are 20 to 30.
3 x a day for 30 to 40 years old and 41 and above at leats 6 tablets a day. Per tablet is 200mg made in Japan.

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