Glutax 2000GS Recombined White Oral Glutathione 60 softgels


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Ingredients: Ultrafiltrazione Glutathione-2000G Acido Alfa Lipoico-700mg Epidermal Growth Factor-2000mg Acido Cogico-500mg Pro Co-enzyme Q10- 600mg Cinnamomum Subavenium-325mg Multivitaminico-3500mg Collagen Natural-800mg Selenio-600mg

-Whitens and nourish the skin
-Improves Skin elasticity
-Reduce dark spots and improve skin tone,also protect from acne,remove stains
-Softens the skin and reduce dark circles under the eyes
-Creating a flexible skin,smooth,healthy and radiant
-Anti aging and anti wrinkles
-Improve wound healing
-Fixing damaged skin cells and maintain existing collagen in the body.

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