Dalfour Glutathione 1600mg 60 softgels


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Dalfour Glutathione 1600mg 60 softgels

-60 soft-gels  each containing 1600mg of L-Glutathione, 400mg of Vitamin C and 400mg of Collagen.
-Highest dose of glutathione on the market and highly absorbable.
-Whitens skin through the power of Glutathione, the “Master Antioxidant”, and a boost of vitamin C
-400mg of hydrolyzed collagen helps fight aging and cellulite.
-Vitamin C is essential in natural collagen formation.

1600mg Glutathione No ingredient has been shown to be as effective at whitening skin as glutathione. It inhibits the activity and disrupts the transport of the melanogenic enzyme tyrosinase and even causes an increase in the production of the pink pigment pheomelanin, giving you a beautiful pinkish glow.

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