Authentic Snow White Drip Korea with seal


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  • 100% Authentic From Nexus Pharma
  • Glutathione 1200mg + Thioctic Acid (ALA) 300mg + Vitamin C 10g – Ascorbic injection brand
  • 12 times stronger than the Cindella Set
  • Unique versions of Glutathione, Thioctic Acid, Vitamin C
  • Our version of the Whitening glutathione antioxidant set consists of:
  • Lipotocin (300mg Thioctic Acid) – Cindella is 25mg
  • Glutathione 1200mg (High quality and well renowned)
  • Ascorbic Inj (10g Vitamin C)
  • Almost instant whitening
  • World renowned popularity for effective and healthy whitening through antioxidant
  • Powerful Antioxidant cocktail

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