Authentic Relumins Advance Day Whitening And Protection Set ( Glutathione Placenta capsules, lotion, Toner, cream & soap)


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  • – 800mg L-Glutathione for maximum skin whitening
  • – Proven safe and effective in numerous clinical studies*
  • – Relumins is 5X more effective than Ivory Caps & more than twice as effective as Gluta-C oral whitening formula
  • – L-Glutathione booster, 100mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid Which Has Been shown to Naturally Support High Levels of Glutathione in the Body & 100mg of Vitamin C
  • – Professional Skin Whitening & Rejuvenating Formula
  • -Proven safe and effective in numerous clinical studies*
  • -Placental protein enhances skin’s elasticity and moisture and stimulates cell renewal to revitalize the skin. It also visibly reduces and fights the unsightly signs of skin aging such as wrinkles and fine lines.
  • – TA Stem Cell Stimulates Collagen for Healthy, Younger, Firmer Looking Skin.
  • – Arbutin from botanical sources is the safest and most effective skin whitener
  • – Softens skin as it lightens so you feel confident and sexy

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