Authentic Frozen Collagen Glutathione Whitening 9000mg with Lachel Vitamin C SET


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  • • Lachel vitamin C has a high antioxidant content, an antioxidant that makes your skin stronger so it is not easily sunburned
  • • It is good to consume with gluta to get fast and maximum results (white is faster because it absorbs gluta)
  • • High antioxidants make the body not easily hurt
  • • Prevents premature aging, skin looks younger!
  • • The scars quickly fade
  • • Even skin tone
  • • Vit. C is very famous for making skin healthier youthful
  • • Install in a short time and is very safe to use in the long run.
  • • The content of Vit.C does not cause dependence / no side effects.
  • – Nourish the skin to be bright
  • – Reduce freckles and dark spots
  • – Reduce acne
  • – Nourish nails, hair to be strong
  • – make the skin moist, smooth, soft

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