Glutathione: What it is and What it’s Not

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Do you want to be fairer, but are afraid of taking in something that you are not familiar with? Are you familiar with glutathione but has never been convinced of what’s in it that makes this entire craze? Do you live near Antipolo and is on the lookout for a glutathione seller/shop that you can trust? Well, above all, no matter how slow your wifi is, stay tuned because you are on the right page.

Glutathione: What is it?

1. Antioxidant

Helps your body detoxify and get rid of free radicals that can be harmful not only to your skin but to your organs as well. Aside from it detoxifying your “bad” cell, glutathione is also a friend that helps regenerates other antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E, which then boost your immune system and help you have a glowing skin cell.

2. Produced Naturally by the liver

Since glutathione is naturally produced by the body, it will never be a foreigner in it that can cause an anaphylactic shock or infection. It will gladly be roaming around your body for it surely belongs there. 3. An anti-aging agent Because we are continuously exposed to ultraviolet rays every day, Glutathione has the capacity to protect our skin from the free radicals that these UV rays produce that can further damage our skin – hence the aging process.

4. Cataracts, Glaucoma and Asthma

These are some other diseases that glutathione helps to cure (provided it’s taken it correctly – it can be orally, inhaled or through IV therapy)

5. Generally Safe to Use

Because of its natural components, side effects of glutathione were still unknown as of now, however, caution in taking it must still be observed.

Here’s some of What  Glutathione is Not?

1. Not a magic pill

Never expect magic from it. Everything takes time and it will never make you fairer after your first pill. It’s not like Darna’s stone that can transform you into a superhero. You need to observe it one pill at a time. Just like weight loss, it’ll come in surprise.

2. Overuse Can also harm you

Glutathione has limits too. You cannot take it all the time you want it to.  Anything of excess will never be good for your health. 500mg capsule is enough for that whole day.

3. Exercise may not be a requirement but it will surely boost the effect of glutathione

It will also require some sweat and some discipline.

4. Never inhaled if you are taking it because of asthma

This can further damage your bronchioles and can add irritation, better take it orally instead. Still, in taking glutathione, make sure to take it correctly and make sure that you hire a licensed nurse when you’d be taking it via the intravenous route to prevent infection because these licensed healthcare professionals can give you the health teaching that you need before and after the procedure.

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