Cash Back Reward to My Wallet

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Cash Back Reward to MyWallet™

Here’s a better way to reward yourself!
You can now Earn 0.5% Cash Back reward sent directly to your MyWallet™ every time you shop online.

We are the very first, health, skin care, wellness, fitness supplement store in the Philippines to introduce this Reward and Digital Wallet system.

  • EARN (0.5%) Cash Back of product price for every completed website purchase
  • Cash Back will be credited to your MyWallet™ which you can view under your Account Dashboard
  • Use your MyWallet™ Credits as partial or full payment for your next transaction

You can also explore the cool features of your MyWallet™ for a cutting edge online shopping experience.

  • You can Top-Up or Load-up your MyWallet™ account for faster order transactions
  • Transfer MyWallet™ credits to your friends

*Cash Back and the use of MyWallet™ credits is only valid for website orders
*You can not withdraw your credits into cash

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