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Dermedical Skin Sciences is one of Italy’s top manufacturer of skin care solutions. Established in 1974, the company was started as a single research facility with the intention of providing solutions and cures to both common and rare skin conditions. The company has since then established itself as a leading researcher and manufacturer of skin care and beauty products, with 7 research and development facilities across Europe.

Research and Development

About Dermedical Skin SciencesOur focus on research and development enables us to provide the market with the most effective skin care solutions. We believe that only through continuous research and development can our products evolve and be the best in the industry. We dedicate at least 65% of our annual budget to R&D. This goes into our pharmaceutical development facilities and the latest cutting-edge equipment. We also bring in and retain only the best of chemists, dermatologists, doctors and molecular biologists.

The system that we have in place for research and development is one of the key components that contribute largely to our success. Each step of our product development lifecycle is regularly audited and reviewed to ensure efficiency in our processes.

Our equipment and facilities are inspected to ensure highest quality and compliance to strict industry standards. Our investment in the latest machines and equipment, as well as our ever-growing research facilities, enable us to produce only the highest quality products.


Health is Beauty

It is our firm belief that the only way to beautiful skin is to have healthy skin. All our products are designed primarily to optimize skin health. Each product that comes out of our facilities only have the highest quality ingredients and are subject to strict quality control measures. We do not believe in superficial beauty. Our products go deep inside revitalize skin cells at the cellular level – this is the only way to have authentic beauty.

Dermedical Skin Sciences – Your trusted partner in bringing out the beauty that is in you.